Abandoned Car Removal

Abandoned car collection and removal service for Surrey Hampshire and Berkshire. Despite the DVLA tracking methods that have been introduced over the past few years, there are still a large amount of vehicles being dumped or discarded and deemed abandoned. Our abandoned car service aims to work with councils, housing associations and property management companies to rid of this issue with the minimum of fuss and bother. Please feel free to contact us if you need a vehicle removing and we will advise and assist you.

Abandoned Car Collection Removal Surrey Hampshire Berkshire

We understand that vehicles deemed as abandoned can be unsightly, take up valued car parking space, and be seen as a security issue. As well as this, depending on the condition of the vehicle, and the length of time it has been standing, without certain control measures direct pollution by leaking could occur creating a hazard. In accordance with guidelines, processes and procedures, it would be our intention to remove any such vehicles.

Our full car scrapping and car scrappage services are Totally Free, this means there are no hidden fees or costs passed on to you. When you choose us to dispose of an abandoned vehicle, you can rest assured that the vehicle is collected and recycled professionally and legally and you are issued with a DVLA® Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Our established service means that we can offer both speed and efficiency round the clock. We understand that what we offer may be of benefit to you.

Abandoned Car Disposal

We will collect and dispose of the vehicle at an Authorised Treatment Facility. By Law, all end of life vehicles should be correctly disposed of so it makes good sense to choose our services and have your car collected and fully recycled at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

Our Collection Area and Convenient Collection Times

Daily collections throughout the Counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire

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