I want to scrap my car - Your questions answered

Here at Scrap Vehicle Disposal we insist on a professional approach. We believe that Recycling or scrapping your vehicle should be uncomplicated, and carried out with the minimum of fuss and bother. Let's see if we can steer you in the right direction with some advice and information about your end of life vehicle.

Q: What is an 'end of life vehicle'?

A: More commonly known as a scrap car, it is usually a vehicle that has either failed an MOT test, is badly damaged, or beyond economical repair, and therefore deemed unfit for road use.

Q: I want to keep the vehicle for a while - what should I do?

A: Should any of the above apply, but you decide to keep your vehicle for whatever reason, and for any length of time, inform the DVLA by completing a S.O.R.N. You can do this at the DVLA on line services, by phone, or at a Post Office® branch or when you apply for a refund of vehicle tax.

Q: What is S.O.R.N.?

A: Statutory Off Road Notification. Declare your vehicle as SORN If you are taking the vehicle off the road with the intention of keeping it or using it on private land. This applies to vehicles that are registered in your name, and have not been sold, scrapped or exported. You're now ready Once it has been established that your vehicle has reached the end of it's life, and you are quite happy to release it for recycling, call us for the free collection. We will take your vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facilitiy (ATF) to be depolluted and recycled.

Q: What happens with the Vehicle documents?

A: Scrapping your vehicle isn't complicated, and it doesn't involve masses of paperwork. We will ask you to have your V5 (vehicle logbook) ready for when we come to collect. A logbook is issued by the DVLA and is an official registered keeper, and ownership transfer document. Because you will be transfering the ownership of your vehicle to the Trade, we will complete and sign section 9 (the Trade section of the V5). Once completed, and you are satisfied, you should also sign this section, and send it yourself to DVLA. This informs DVLA that you are no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Q: I have lost my logbook - What can i do?

Not to worry, our company have a standard release form which we can complete. The form is simply a declaration transfer of ownership which states that you have surrendered the vehicle to us for the purpose of scrapping. Copies are kept by both parties and DVLA are informed by the treatment facility. Added to this, ATF's are also given the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which is removed from the vehicle.