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Scrapping Your Car

Scrap your car legally and professionally with Scrap Vehicle Disposal. Your vehicle is collected and disposed of at an Authorised Treatment Facility. We talk you through the scrapping process, complete your V5c registration document with our company details, and upon request, issue you with an official DVLA® Certificate of Destruction.

By Law, all end of life vehicles should be correctly disposed of, so it makes good sense to choose our services and have your car collected and fully recycled at an Authorised Treatment Facility.

Scrap Vehicle Disposal can pick up your car the same day or arrange a collection time that suits you. If you need to scrap your car and live in Crondall, it's as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call 07775 866969


Scrap Your Car In Crondall - Free Vehicle Collection And Disposal

Scrapping a car in Crondall? Looking for a scrap car company that will guarantee your car is scrapped legally and professionally and will not end up back on the road? Too often we hear stories of people that have sold their car to a company in good faith with the intention of it being scrapped, when it turns out that they haven't scrapped the car at all. The problem exists where once you have accepted, and been paid money for your car, you have no control over it's destiny. In reality, your car could easily remain in your name and you could incur parking fines, speeding fines, road tax fines and even insurance penalties. Scrap Vehicle Disposal give you peace of mind, and you can feel confident that your car will be destroyed and not be passed on to anyone to be driven on the road illegally.

We can collect and dispose of your scrap car in Crondall. All scrap car collections and removals in the Crondall area are totally free with no admin fees or pick up charges. We can collect your vehicle the same day from your home, garage, MOT Centre or even if you break down at the roadside. We offer a free same day collection and recycling service with the minimum of fuss and bother. We operate a daily vehicle removal service in Crondall and the surrounding area (please see map). We can collect your scrap or damaged car from the Crondall area free of charge at a convenient time that suits you. We can also arrange to collect your vehicle in Crondall during an evening, and at the weekend. We do not pay cash for cars, buy scrap cars or supply car spares. 

Some companies may loosely claim that they are registered with the DVLA® to collect cars. Let's get to the meat of it shall we. There is actually no such thing as DVLA® registered and DVLA® will tell you that they have absolutely no association with companies who collect and dispose of cars. Call us now on 07775 866969

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